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General financial aid is based solely on the parents’ and/or student’s ability to pay. The amount of assistance awarded is dependant on the family circumstances as well as NEMC’s space available in the instrument/voice, age, and gender categories. We ask that you carefully consider the value of this experience for your child and ask only for what you truly need. Special consideration is made for families is extenuating circumstances. We encourage anyone who feels they cannot afford to attend without assistance to apply. Our belief is that anyone should be able to come to camp, regardless of financial means or hardships!

Families are encouraged to explore additional supplemental funding and grant sources available through local arts and service organizations, foundations, banks, and employers.

How to Apply for NEMC Need-Based Financial Aid

  1. The financial aid application is part of our main registration system. Access HERE
  2. Fill in the information requested in each form and click the green “submit” button at the bottom of the General Financial Aid and Scholarship form. (You will want to have a copy of the first two pages of most recent 1040 tax form handy.)
  3. At this point you can back out of the system until you hear from us. Currently the processing time is 7-14 days. There is no fee and no commitment to apply for General Financial Aid.

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