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 NEMC Camper & Alum, Ethan Resnik,
named to upcoming NPR’s live recording of From The Top

phoca thumb l banquetsession2 08 11 56New England Music Camp is thrilled to announce that 2019 camper, Ethan Resnik, has been named to NPR’s live recording program From The Top for their upcoming recording on November 2 in Morristown, NJ.


Ethan has been a camper at NEMC for the past six summers, and was named this year’s recipient of the Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Best Male Musician award at the final banquet. He is a tremendous musical talent, and for the upcoming show on November 2, Ethan will be featured as a composer. Host, Peter Dugan, will perform one of his pieces, as well as interview Ethan from the stage.

Upon From The Top’s announcement, NEMC caught up with Ethan to ask him about his experience at NEMC and the audition process for From The Top. Here is what he had to say:


When and Where is your From The Top Recording?

Saturday, November 2 at the Presbyterian Church, 57 East Park Place,  Morristown, New Jersey.

According to From the Top, you were selected as a composer.  What was the application process like for that?

From the Top had reached out to me after Matthew Wiggin recommended me (Thanks Matthew!), so I filled in the online application.  It felt like it would never end, as it took about three days to complete! There were so many questions, but they were interesting and really made me think outside of the box and about who I am as a musician and as a person.  I listened to some podcasts, and a few weeks later, I was accepted! I then had a pre-interview over the phone with Janet Fagan, the Recruitment and Alumni Relations Assistant from the show, to answer a bunch of questions.

How did you learn about NEMC, and what is your first memory when you arrived the first year?

I had always wanted to go to a music camp, but most of them seemed too strict with not much to offer regarding other activities that I enjoy as well, which inspire me.  I had already been to a typical sleep-away camp, which I was used to. I was twelve years old when I first toured NEMC in the spring of 2014. I remember seeing John Wiggin and Kerri from the office, waiting by the entrance to welcome me.  I was mesmerized by the beauty, from the lake to the forest surrounding me, and I liked the balance between music and recs. Everyone was so warm and welcoming!

When I arrived on my very first day, I felt very anxious, knowing that my parents would be leaving soon, and I didn’t know anyone.  Heather, the head counselor, encouraged me to try a cookie at the canteen, but I already thought that I would throw up. I still remember sitting on the back porch of Dorr cabin on that first day, which overlooked Lake Messalonskee.  My counselor sat with me, and we had a great conversation about music, as he was also a pianist, and he asked me about my favorite pieces. I eventually went back into the cabin and went up to the rec field with my cabin to play soccer.  By dinner, I felt better, and then we played a game of tag on the field by the flagpole. I had no idea that these cabinmates would soon become some of my closest camp friends for the next six summers.

What is the most important lesson you learned at NEMC?

While at NEMC, I am grateful for how much I’ve grown as a musician and as a person, and all of the friends I have made who I still keep in touch with.  NEMC not only taught me to work hard and to never give up, but to appreciate everything and everyone around me. After six unforgettable summers, I have learned that it’s not just the music that makes NEMC a special place; it’s the people you meet and the memories you make.

What is your favorite non-musical memory from camp?

I have had so many memorable experiences from camp; some of them include sailing with my friends, going to the canteen and playing cards, Reid State Park, and playing ping pong.  One memorable experience was that day at sailing when the boat capsized, and after we flipped it over, it capsized again and completely turned upside-down. The counselors took the rest of the crew in the chase boat, leaving me to get back in the boat and take down the sails.  While they towed me in, the rope snapped, and they had to find another one before successfully towing me back to shore so I could live to tell the tale.  

What risks did you take at NEMC that you were successful in achieving?

Some of the biggest risks I’ve taken at NEMC that I was successful in achieving were auditioning for the honor recitals, asking a girl to banquet, and asking Maestro to premiere my orchestra piece about NEMC in one of his final concerts.  These memories mean the world to me.

Who were the people that most influenced you at camp?

I was influenced by my teachers, including:

  • The Gregorians
  • My saxophone teachers, Dr. Levinsky and Ms. Wozniak
  • My piano teachers, Mr. Erickson, Dr. Lau, and Dr. Mulic
  • The Schmearers
  • Band directors Dr. Cicconi and Mr. Burkhart
  • Mr. Tortolano
  • Harpist Mr. Sabatino

I was influenced by all of my friends; we had a lot of fun at NEMC together.  What all the faculty members and my camp friends have in common is that they all believed in me. They were very supportive and encouraged me to follow my passion and to be my best self.  I always knew that they were looking out for me; one day, I had to go to the infirmary because a fly flew in my ear. My chamber coach, Ms. Gregorian, walked me to the infirmary, and while I was there, my saxophone teacher, Ms. Wozniak, came to see how I was doing; that made me feel at home and ease my anxiety.  NEMC is like no other place; I miss walking back to the cabin through the forest after evening activities and hanging in the canteen with friends.


Ethan will be featured on the November 2 recording at the Presbyterian Church in Morristown, NJ beginning at 7:30pm. Tickets are available by clicking here or using the link below. Come join New England Music Camp Director, Matthew Wiggin, and Marian Powell, NEMC faculty and Director of Outreach and Recruitment, for a beautiful evening of music and celebrating Ethan Resnik! We hope to see lots of familiar NEMC faces!




From The Top Press Release (COMING SOON)

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