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As of 9.13.2021 Snow Pond Center for the Arts is requiring proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test at all indoor events. Masks recommended.  Details here.

Backburner (1989)
Frank Ticheli (b. 1958)

Aruna Quartet
William Pyle
Tony Guzman
Ryan Hill
Andrew Shoen

Students of David Dees, Texas Tech University

Chants d’Auvergne (1923-1930)
Joseph Canteloube (1908-1986)
Arr. Yasuhide Ito (b. 1960)

I. La Pastoura als camps

Riona Kumazaki, alto saxophone
Tokyo, Japan


Sonate (1970)
Edison Denisov (1929-1996)

III. Allegro moderato

Uday Singh
Student of Chien-Kwan Lin, Eastman School of Music


O Vos Omnes
Tomás Luis de Victoria (c. 1548-1611)
Arr. Gail B. Levinsky

FLHSI 2016 Saxophone Ensemble

Snow Pond Center for the Arts