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Put your name on everything!


  • Sheets – size determined by where you are staying (you should soon receive an email indicating the size of your bed in your lodging). Blankets (night temperatures often dip into the low 50s, upper 40s). Electric blanket, if you prefer
  • OR bring a sleeping bag instead of, or in addition to, sheets and blankets
  • Pillow and pillow case
  • Towels & washcloths
  • Optional: a towel for waterfront activities
  • Optional: a mattress pad if you want a little more comfort. These are cabins and dormitories! All beds are the old style, thin mattress – no super thick ones (except some in the cabins – they may be thicker)

CLOTHING (below are suggestions – bring what is best for you)

  • We will be casual, so whatever is comfortable for you, shorts, jeans, chinos, tee-shirts, golf shirts, open collar shirts… Do bring a mix of warm weather and cool weather attire.
  • On Thursday, we will have a "Wear your home band attire or any other musical garment" day. Obviously this is optional, but if your band has a shirt or you have a trumpet tie/scarf or a music tee-shirt, or a pair of pants covered in French horns, consider bringing it to wear on Thursday!
  • Sweatshirt/sweater/vest/jacket for potentially chilly evenings.
  • Foot wear: sneakers or whatever is comfortable for your feet is fine for most days. A pair of waterproof shoes/boots is a good idea for when we have rain
  • Concert Dress (see below)
  • Rain jacket, rain hat and/or umbrella
  • Swimsuit if you plan to swim
  • Don’t forget your PJs!
BE AWARE … There are NO LAUNDRY FACILITIES on camp. There is a laundromat in Oakland (about a 15 minute drive down the road).


  • White shirt/blouse and long black pants or black skirt. If you wish, you may wear a splash of color, such as a scarf, tie, pin, belt…
  • Nice shoes, we prefer black, but don’t go buy new shoes for this! Ladies, no tall heels – they sink into the ground, are dangerous walking over the roots and they thump on the floor of the stage.
  • No tuxes and no fancy dresses, please.


  • For our Canadian and International campers - Passport!
  • Water bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug repellent
  • Flashlight (definitely bring!)
  • Camera
  • Tissues
  • Other toiletries
  • Medications and/or supplements
  • Hangers for the closets - there are a few, but not many (varies depending on lodging)
  • We recommend that as much as possible, you leave your electronics at home and unplug for the week. That said, do what you need to do; there is Wi-Fi available in some areas of the camp if you need it. Cell phone signal is inconsistent.


  • Your instrument (well, if that isn’t on my list, I might walk off without it!)
  • Music Stand
  • Reeds (bring extras!), oil and other instrument necessities. We do not have supplies for purchase.
  • Brass players, bring a straight mute. If you plan on being in the intermediate/advanced jazz ensemble, you should also bring a cup mute, and intermediate/advanced jazz trumpets bring a Harmon mute.
  • Percussionists, bring at least the following: snare sticks, a practice pad, a pair of timpani mallets (general), a pair of hard rubber xylophone mallets and blue yarn marimba mallets. Bring any other sticks you have, too. It is wise to get a stick bag or create something to carry it all in. And put your name on it (and each stick/mallet).
  • Put your name on your case, mutes, etc.! It is a good idea to jot down your instrument serial number and keep it in your case on the off chance that you set your instrument down next to someone else’s and they get mixed up.


  • An instrument stand is a convenience if you have one, but not necessary.
  • Music Stand Light - If you have trouble seeing well when there isn’t a lot of light, get one of the small, portable, stand lights.
  • A music case or bag or backpack is nice to keep your stuff together and for easy transport; you might also want a plastic bag or something to put it all in when it rains.
  • Money (Cash) for drinks and snacks at the Lodge Camp office, extra drinks during the evening social hour (one drink & snacks are free to those purchasing meals), a lobster if we manage to get an evening with optional lobster on the menu, any outings off camp, and souvenirs, a boat cruise on the lake.


  • We have a great swimming area and there are canoes to borrow as well, or you may bring your own boat.
  • There are tennis courts, soccer fields, basketball courts, softball diamonds and other sports on camp. Equipment is available, or you may bring your own. There is golf not too far away (off camp).
  • Coffee, tea, fruit, etc. will be available all day to those on the food plans. If you require special snacks, bring them.
NEAMC is located on the campus of Snow Pond Arts Center at 8 Goldenrod Lane in Sidney, Maine, 04330

From the North:

  • Take Route 95 South to exit 127 (ME-11/ME-137 toward Waterville/Oakland).
  • Turn right on ME-11S/ME-137W/Kennedy Memorial Drive.
  • After 0.7 miles, turn left onto Country Club Road.
  • At the end, turn right onto Webb Road.
  • After crossing over Middle Road, turn left onto ME-23S/Snow Pond Road.
  • NEMC will be on your right after approximately 3.2 miles.

From the South:

  • Take Route 95 North to exit 112B to merge onto ME-11 N/ME-27 N/ME-8 N/Civic Center Drive/New Belgrade Road toward Augusta/Belgrade.
  • After 4 miles, turn right onto ME-23 N/Pond Road.
  • NEAMC will be on your left after approximately 7.2 miles.

Snow Pond Center for the Arts

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