Can parents attend concerts and recitals?

Yes, all concerts and recitals are open to the public. We live stream recitals and concerts via Facebook Live on the NEMC Facebook page. Our rural Maine connection is not always reliable so we recommend that campers ask a friend in the audience to video for them if they would like a recording. 

What is an Honor Recital?

Each week select students have the opportunity to audition to perform in the Friday evening Honor Recital. Students who wish to audition should come to camp with a polished and performance ready solo piece.

What is the NEMC Concerto Competition? Qualified campers are invited to compete for the opportunity to perform a solo work accompanied by the NEMC Faculty Orchestra. LINK



When are performances held?

Recitals are at 7:30pm on Wednesday and Friday evenings in Alumni Hall. Concerts are held 3pm Saturdays and Sundays at the Bowl in the Pines. Some weeks may vary and the Intensive programs have their own schedule so always check the camp calendar for exact dates and times!

What if my child has food allergies or dietary restrictions? Our dining staff prepare a variety of healthy meals, which always include a vegetarian option. We are able to accommodate peanut and other such allergies including gluten-free, dairy free, etc. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

What if my child becomes ill? Our 10-bed health center staffed by 3 nurses and a doctor on call provides expert medical attention for campers. Three modern hospital facilities are located within 9 miles of NEMC.

What if my child gets homesick? It is very common for kids of all ages to feel “homesick” during their first day or two at camp. Our counseling staff is trained to identify when campers are missing home and work to facilitate a smooth transition that meets the needs of each individual camper. Many of our professional camp staff are parents themselves and will admit that it is not uncommon for a parent to have more difficulty with the initial separation than their child, who is typically preoccupied with a busy camp schedule.

Are there Covid-19 Safety Protocols in place? Yes. Should Covid-19 be widespread upon the start of our season, a series of protocols will be in place. These protocols will be announced later in the Spring. If implemented, they will include: self quarantine and testing prior to arrival, rapid testing upon arrival, daily temperature checks, limited indoor activities, and potentially a closed campus. 

How much is the tuition? NEMC tuition includes, room and board, classes/rehearsals, weekly lessons, weekly laundry (for core camp), recreation and social activities. Instrument rental and extra lessons are available for an additional fee. Laundry is an additional fee for Intensive students. Please see the Tuition and Dates page for current tuition.

What is the payment schedule? A non-refundable $75 application fee is due upon submission of registration materials. Upon acceptance, a $500 deposit is required in order to reserve a space in the appropriate cabin and the requested instrumental/voice studio. For Core/Prelude camp, our 50/50 plan requires 50% of the tuition balance due on February 28 and 50% due on May 1. For Intensive students, tuition is due by June 1. 

What is meant by “Non-Refundable Registration Application Fee/Deposit”? Registration should be made with the intent to attend NEMC. The application fee is to cover administrative costs during the admission process. If the student is accepted, the $500 deposit guarantees the student an ID number that confirms a space in the studio and a bed in a cabin. This deposit is non-refundable. If the student is not accepted, the deposit will be refunded. 

Are allowances made for students who come late or leave early? Students may come a day or two late due to conflicts with school schedules or other commitments. Rarely do students leave early. No monetary adjustments are made for personal choices in scheduling arrivals or departures. For all other cases will be looked at on a case by case basis. Priority will be given to campers who are able to attend the complete session.

What happens if my child withdraws?  Withdrawal/Refund Policy

· Prior to March 1st - a refund of tuition payments minus $500 deposit
· After March 1st - a refund of tuition payments minus $600 ($500 deposit plus $100 administrative fee)
· After April 1st - If a suitable replacement is not found parent/sponsor will assume responsibility for full tuition. 
· No refunds for late arrival, early withdrawal, or expulsion from camp

What are the deadlines for registration and financial aid? NEMC Core Camp and Prelude do not have a registration deadline. The Intensive Programs have a rolling admissions process after March 15th. Please check each Intensive's page for updated admissions information! NEMC Core camp fills studio space on a “rolling” basis beginning in October – many studios fill early so we recommend registering early in order to secure a spot in your instrumental studio. We enroll for balance of instrumentation, voice, gender, and age.

Where do I begin my application? You can visit the Registration Page Here!

Is there an audition? We request that applicants submit a playing sample/audition and one evaluation from a teacher or conductor for NEMC Core Camp. There is an audition for all Intensive programs. Information can be found on each Intensive's information page. 

What is the acceptance criteria? NEMC Core Camp provides a challenging yet nurturing experience for intermediate to advanced musicians. The audition and teacher evaluation help us plan for and ensure that ALL students will be able to thrive at any level while attending NEMC. On occasion, our faculty will recommend that a student wait a year to attend NEMC in order to avoid overwhelming them. The Intensives are designed for the advanced High School musicians and only the top students will be admitted into these programs. 

What are the requirements for need-based financial aid? Assistance is based solely on the parents’ and/or student’s ability to pay. 

Do you offer merit scholarships? Yes, each spring we award a number of scholarships to exceptional musicians, based upon proven musical ability, dedication to the musical craft, and the potential for improving the overall experience for all campers. Read more HERE.

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