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We believe music instruction should be available to all who desire to learn!

Snow Pond Community Music School is dedicated to providing opportunity to all who wish to ignite a lifelong love of music. Donations from foundations, businesses, parents and friends of Snow Pond allow us to supply scholarship funds to qualified applicants. Due to limited funds, partial funding is available to assist as many families as possible.

Criteria for financial aid consideration include the following:

  • Income level and family size
  • Special circumstances, including sudden loss of job or unexpected medical expenses
  • The amount of financial obligation the family is willing to assume
  • The applicant’s commitment to music education
  • Applicant or family’s willingness to volunteer 
  • The amount of funds available

Financial aid recipients and families are asked to perform volunteer work.  Volunteer opportunities are outlined in the application.

Financial Aid Applications are due by September 1 for returning students.  New student applications will be accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year.

How to Apply:

Download the Financial Aid Application

Please mail the application and requested attachments to:

Snow Pond Community Music School
8 Goldenrod Lane
Sidney,  ME 04330

For more information on financial aid, contact Christine Durgin, (844) 476-6976, Ext. #804,