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Thank you for expressing interest in a counseling position at New England Music Camp. The application and three reference forms are to be completed and returned on or before January 16th, 2020. **Please return everything electronically to . DO NOT mail a hard copy to camp!!

Applicant Letter | 2020 Counselor Application | 2020 Reference Letter

Your reference forms should be returned directly by the persons who complete them. It has been our experience that the most beneficial references come from current or former employers or supervisors, not your college professors. (We need to know how you work with young people, not how you perform or practice.)

Counselors are vital to the success of the camp program. We seek people who are enthusiastic, skilled, creative and sensitive to the emotional needs of others. The selection of counselors will be based primarily upon the demonstration of leadership qualities, recreational skills and genuine interest and understanding of young people. Priority will be given to those applicants who (1.) have had previous experience in counseling and/or resident camping, (2.) can demonstrate ability to plan and implement innovative activities, (3.) and work successfully as team members. As mentioned above, your musical ability (or lack thereof) will have no bearing on your selection as a prospective counselor, with the single exception of guitar skills. As a counselor, you will have no responsibilities in the music portion of our program and will have limited time to participate in the program yourselves.

To be eligible for employment, candidates must have reached the age of nineteen and have completed at least one year of college prior to the opening of camp. The present salary range extends from $2300.00 to $2650.00 (contingent upon assignment). There is also a travel allowance that is paid at the close of camp. The 2020 camp season begins on June 27th. All counselors are required to arrive on June 19th for facilities preparation and orientation. BYSO (Boston Youth Symphony Orchestras) will once again offer a 12 day camp immediately following ours, through August 22nd. An additional $900 stipend will be given to those hired to work BYSO.

Anyone applying MUST be willing to commit to the entire camp season (June 19th – August 23rd). This includes the two week BYSO camp. We will not need all counselors to stay for BYSO. You can request an exception on the application. When you receive an acceptance email from us, you will be notified whether or not your exception was granted. Applicants have a greater chance of being hired when they are able to commit for the entire camp season!

In order for NEMC to run with the recreations that we offer, we need to hire counselors that are certified in archery, sailing and lifeguarding. Having those certifications increases your chances of being hired but doesn't guarantee your being hired. We are looking for people with certifications in all areas for the coming summer!

If counseling at NEMC appeals to your personal and/or professional goals, please complete the enclosed materials and submit them promptly. All applications should be received no later than January 16th, 2020. If questions arise, please call or write at your convenience.

Sincerely yours,
Rachel Mears
Matthew Lefebvre
Head Counselors

Applicant Letter | 2020 Counselor Application | 2020 Reference Letter

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“I loved the freedom to practice my instrument as much or as little as I felt was necessary because I grew as a musician and also learned independence and time management.”

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