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Work under the direction of the Canteen Manager. Tasks include:

  • Open Canteen at beginning of each shift – make sure all items are stocked, prepare for opening (log in computer, turn on appliances, etc)
  • Make lots of milkshakes!
  • Assist campers and faculty with orders for candy, beverages, ice cream, hot food, clothing (majority of orders are for ice cream and milkshakes)
  • Work in fast-paced environment – have fun!
  • Close at end of each shift – clean all appliances, tables, and surfaces, sweep and mop entire canteen, wash all dishes and ice cream scoops and milkshake machines
  • Assist with procurement and stocking of merchandise
  • Hours: 8:45am-12:30pm/6:30-7:30pm/8:45-10:15pm – variations depending on days. Afternoons free (!)
  • Enjoy a summer forever enriched with music!

Deadline: JANUARY 16th

Email resume and cover letter to

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Top notch teaching

“My son had a wonderful experience. The teaching was top notch and it has really motivated and prepared him as he enters high school. In fact, we are signing him up for next year! ”

-NEMC Parent