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As of 9.13.2021 Snow Pond Center for the Arts is requiring proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test at all indoor events. Masks recommended.  Details here.

Linda MurdockLinda Murdock is the co-founder of the Sudbury Valley New Horizons Band and takes many roles within the group. She has taught beginners, played horn or trumpet in concerts as needed, learned the basics of clarinet and sax playing to help with the woodwind beginners, organized a series of soirées musicales, taught seminars, and started and conducts a woodwind choir.  She arranges music for the band and the woodwind choir, copies music, organizes events, and even walks Blake (the band dog) if he gets nudgey.

Linda began her musical endeavors with piano lessons in 3rd grade; she desperately wanted piano lessons in 1st grade, but a 3rd grader told her that kids couldn’t take piano lessons till 3rd grade so she waited, and on the first day of 3rd grade begged her parents for lessons. After piano came pipe organ in 5th grade, French horn in 7th grade, and violin in 9th; her initial goal was to learn to play every instrument, but she was sensible and instead settled on the horn as her primary instrument.

During college, Linda studied horn with Carol Jensen and played in the University of Minnesota orchestra and band as well as a local horn quartet and other ensembles. After moving to the Boston area, she studied horn with BSO horn player Harry Shapiro, and freelanced in the Boston metro area. Although her day job morphed from corporate lawyer to middle school teacher to school principal, she continued her involvement in music, even including playing piano to accompany the school chorus. In the last three years, since retiring from her “day job,” she is again focusing primarily on music, playing horn and piano, arranging music, and conducting the woodwind choir.

She loved being at camp again last summer and is looking forward to this year, working with this year’s horn players, conducting brass and woodwind ensembles, and just enjoying all the music!

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