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June 15 - June 23, 2020

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The Caribbean Jazz Institute provides college, graduate/postgrad—level jazz instrumentalists with an intensive 10-day program of study led by international artists Ron Blake and members of Dion Parson & the 21st Century Band.

Program participants focus on small ensemble performance, the introduction of rhythms of the Caribbean through the adaptation of original and standard jazz repertoire as a vehicle for improvisation, creative practice techniques, ear training, theory, & listening sessions. 

Master classes are provided daily on the fundamentals of jazz improvisation, along with small ensembles coached by the faculty, and performances through the course of the camp. 

Ample time scheduled for practice and other activities.

Program Highlights

  • Providing participants with the necessary tools to pursue creative outlets in music and jazz improvisation.
  • Combos, private lessons, and performances.
  • Specific focus on creative and healthy practicing, listening, and mastery of instruments.
  • An intimate and supportive environment for networking with peers and professional staff.
  • Affordable tuition includes lodging, meals, and recreational equipment/facilities.


Caribbean Jazz Institute 2019 Brochure

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Informative & Enlightening

My experience at the Caribbean Jazz Institute was both informative and enlightening. The knowledge and expertise of the staff along with the beauty of the NEMC campus created the perfect learning atmosphere for me. Despite the intense schedule, there was plenty of time and opportunities to mingle with other campus and participate in fun events! The past two summers have been the best summers of my life thus far! 
Sherwin Williams