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Not quite, but will be soon!

NQRP1"NQ WHAT???" Some of us feel like we are just "Not Quite Ready" to come to camp, or to play in Concert Band or to play in your band at home. Perhaps you just started your instrument, and maybe it is even your first sojourn into the world of music! (What are those little black marks on the paper?) Perhaps you have played music all your life, but you want to try this new instrument. Perhaps you've been playing for several years, but you still don't seem to be "good enough" (perhaps because your rhythm reading skills aren't strong?). Whatever the reason, if you feel "Not Quite Ready", this is the group for you.

IMPORTANT: notice that "Not quite ready" is not synonymous with, "I can't" or "I'll never be able to" or "I'm no good"; it simply means that on the continuum of learning, you aren't quite ready to play in the camp concert band! It is a very positive difference and implies that you WILL be ready sometime in the future!

During our week this year, we want to encourage less experienced players (You?) to come to camp and enjoy the camaradery of NEAMC, while at the same time, learning more about music and your instrument. There is a place for you, the beginner or early novice player. We've had a blast in NQ in the past sessions and we are anticipating a great time this year, too!!

What is a “Beginner”? Our “Beginners" should have played their instrument for at least 5 or 6 months by the time camp starts, or be adept on another instrument, but just starting this one.

What is an “Early Novice”? That is harder to define, but if you have played for a while, but find that the Concert Band music is just too challenging, or you’d rather not be stressed out by its challenges, you are welcome to take part in our Not-Quite-Ready-Players’ (NQRP) Band. And some people play in both Concert Band and the NQ Band! You can set it up any way you think works for you.

We will be working on two simple band pieces and exploring the issues (and joys!) involved in playing that music. All parts can be modified to meet your personal needs (simplified, or even made more challenging!) Our music will be sent out with the Concert Band and Symphonic Band music, so if you look at the CB music and feel it is too much for you, you can take a look at the NQRP music.

We will be working on the two pieces below:

--When the Wind Whispers (by Rob Romeyn): Click HERE to listen to the demo recording.
--Elizabethan Dance (by Mark Williams: Click HERE to listen to the demo recording

Throughout the week there will be other seminars to help you learn more about playing your instrument, reading the music, music in general, and the idiosyncrasies of playing in a band with others.

Still not sure if you are "ready”? Email Diane:
(Why is “ready” in quotation marks? Because you will never really be “ready”! You just have to jump in and do it!!! This is a safe place and we will help you. Your Best is Good Enough!)

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