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And, I don't think I'm ready...

AH! Perfect! You are exactly the person for whom we developed this program!

NQRP2I hear this so often, "I'm not ready." It is usually followed up with something like, "I'm going to practice at home until I get ready, then I'll play in band / take lessons / come to camp." The problem is, you will NEVER be ready!! It is impossible to be ready. Why? Because as adults, we know what the instrument should sound like, but it doesn't! Instead, the wind instrument (one you blow into) squeaks and squawks and sometimes doesn't speak at all, and the snare drum makes these awfully loud sounds and sometimes you miss the head completely!

"But it is true, I'm not ready."

Here is the secret: you can't ever be "ready"! Why? Because you are holding yourself to the standards of the musician who has played his/her entire life!

So, just jump right in. You're not-quite-ready, but so what? You will learn so much more by getting in there and taking up the challenge! AND you will have fun! It is such a rush to hear all the music around you and to be in the center (even if you aren't playing all of it!).

Be brave; it is hard. Most of us were successful in our professions and we are used to being the ones who know how to do things and this business of being a beginner is embarrassing and really difficult! Yup. But others have done it and you can, too! In my home band and string ensemble (we have 80-90 people) about two thirds started as adults. Some are playing well, some not so well, but all are having fun.

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