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Betsy KobayashiBetsy Kobayashi Betsy Kobayashi, (Violin) B.A. University of New Hampshire, studied with Shinichi Suzuki for two years and graduated from Talent Education Institute in Matsumoto, Japan in 1988. She taught for 10 years with Buffalo Suzuki Strings in Buffalo, NY, founding and organizing the Suzuki viola program and a summer week-long workshop there. She maintains a studio in the Augusta area where she has taught for over 20 years.

She is director of Pineland Suzuki School which is now located at Snow Pond Community Music School in Sidney. Pineland Suzuki School has grown from 20 students of co-founders Betsy and Ellen Gawler doing group classes and concerts together to about 100 violin, viola and cello students studying chamber music, string orchestra and fiddle as well as Suzuki repertoire classes. She has been active in the Maine Suzuki Association, as tour and workshop organizer, founder of Sonata Festival for advanced students and most recently, president. She loves to be home taking care of her family, garden, a new puppy and cooking healthy food, but also loves to take students performing often in the community, locally and around the world.