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Jennifer Birch is the Director of the Arts After School and Community Music School Programs.  She received a degree in Marine Technology while training in surface supplied air diving to be a commercial diver specializing in underwater inspection.  Eventually this career lead her back to her interest in the arts, specifically photography, and eventually an interest in music and its correlation to academic success in children.  As one of the founding members of the Belgrade Community Theatre Committee in Belgrade, ME which brings Missoula theatre to her local primary school in order to foster the creativity and enhance the innate capabilities in each participating child.  She has also been heavily involved in the Pineland Suzuki Music School for over 10 years helping to make learning string instruments accessible and affordable for children 4 - high school age. er five children are very involved in the performing arts and as her middle child attended Snow Pond Arts Academy for two years she naturally transitioned over to help establish a new arts driven after school program in central Maine that will transcend barriers such as financial resources, and unique needs to transform lives by actively engaging people in the arts.

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