What is the age range at NEMC? Campers range in age from 9-19. NEMC Core camp is open to students ages 11-18, Prelude Strings and Band Camp is open to Middle School students ages 9-13, and the Intensives are open to High School students 14-19. 

How many campers?  NEMC Core Camp enrolls approximately 200 campers. Balance in voice/instrumentation is a priority; therefore, this number may vary by a small amount. The Intensives total around 175 campers. 

Where do campers live? Campers are housed by age and gender expression. The “Lodge Side” of camp includes two younger cabins, Towne Cabin and Wade Cabin, located adjacent to The Lodge Dorm. The “Bowl Side" housing is located at the opposite end of camp and includes Dorr Cabin, Sault Cabin, and the Bowl Dorm. Campers have the ability to choose which side of camp they will be most comfortable living in.

Who are your counselors? Our counseling staff is led by Head Counselors and Assistant Head Counselors. We carefully select our counseling staff of 24 college students for their interest in and ability to lead young people. The counselors live in the cabins with campers, coach recreational activities, and organize all social events.

What is the ratio of campers to staff?  Ratio of camper to staff is approximately 3:1

What kind of recreation do you offer? NEMC’s recreational complex boasts three tennis courts, a soccer field, two softball diamonds, volleyball and badminton courts, archery range, and basketball court. Aerobics, dramatics, and physical fitness are other recreational options. Highly qualified lifeguards and water safety instructors coordinate lessons and recreational swimming. We also offer instruction in sailing and kayaking for beginning through advanced levels.

 What are the “traditional summer camp social activities”?  Evening social activities include: carnivals, talent shows, cabin song competitions, dances, games, ice cream parties, and more. Campers enjoy frequent cookouts, barbecues, and picnics. Our favorite evenings include campfires at the edge of the lake where we sing songs together, tell stories, and watch gorgeous sunsets as darkness falls.

 Where is NEMC located? Sidney, Maine is located in the Belgrade Lakes, approximately one hour north of Portland. 

How do students who live far away get to NEMC? International campers and campers who travel to NEMC from long distances arrive by chartered bus accompanied by NEMC counselors. The bus leaves from Boston Logan International Airport at 2:00 pm on the first day of each session and departs NEMC for Boston at 6:00 am on the morning of the last day of each session. Students may also travel to and from Portland International Jetport. See travel form for arrival and departure time details.

Can students call home? Public phones are available at the main office and may be used by campers during their free time, after the first week of camp. Parents should be aware that the morning schedule is quite full and often campers are busy having fun with their friends during the afternoon. Our camp culture emphasizes independence and in our experience “no news, is good news”.

Can my child bring a cellphone or other electronic devices to camp? Our program at NEMC is designed to promote strong social connections and an appreciation of the camp’s beautiful natural setting. Over the years our campers have become the strongest supporters of our strict limitations on electronic devices and find that this is the time to “unplug” and focus on growing musically and building strong friendships. Campers should not bring laptop computers or tablets, video-games, or video/DVD players to camp. Cellphones for travel may be checked in upon arrival. Intensive campers may bring cellphones to be used in a limited capacity for their specific programs.

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