Prepayment for Lessons 

  • Snow Pond Community Arts (SPCA) and our teaching artists must commit time and reserve facility space for student lessons. Therefore, it is necessary that each student/family prepay and commit to your choice of either four or eight lessons at a time, per instrument. Introductory lessons are the exception to required prepayment.

Absences, Pre-planned and Short Notice  

  • Communication regarding missed lessons, schedule changes, payments and other arrangements must be confined to adult family members and SPCA staff. Please contact SPCA administrative staff members Christine Little and Christine Durgin (contact info will be provided) regarding any  of the following situations. 

  • Same day Absence minimum 6 hour notification is required to avoid forfeit of a prepaid lesson.

  • Planned absence-advanced notice is much appreciated!

  • Make-up lessons - SPCA staff does its best to proactively schedule time for make-up lessons for holidays, inclement weather events, etc.(see weather related closings below) These lessons will typically be offered on a first come first basis.

  • When a prepaid lesson is missed within the notification guidelines, that prepaid lesson will simply remain as a credit for the student to use for their next lesson.

  • Extended absences - Occasionally a student/parent may seek a change to their lesson schedule for an extended but temporary period of time, while also expressing the desire to return to their previous lesson day and time. Examples are seasonal sports schedules, educational travel, and corrective surgeries. The needs of the music community as a whole as well as the individual must be taken into account and we will consider these situations on a case by case basis. Please discuss the situation with our admin staff as soon as you/ your student becomes aware of the need for an extended absence.

Weather Related Closings

  • When weather related closing become necessary, SPCA staff will alert all students/parents who have lessons on that day via email by 11 a.m
  • If SPCA is open and you choose not to travel, the cancellation policy above applies.

 Supervision and Safety of Minors

  • Administrative staff are present as often as possible, and there are security cameras in several locations at Snow Pond. Siblings of students are welcome, however minors must be supervised by an attending adult at all times. This includes students as well as their siblings and guests.

 Health Protocols

  • Stay Home - If students, siblings or close family members are symptomatic, or have tested positive for Covid 19.

  • Clean hands - All students must clean their hands before lessons and especially before using Snow Pond instruments.

*Note: Please let us know if a cough or other symptoms are caused by a non-contagious issue

After you have read these policies, return to the registration form.

Piano Lessons

Beginner and advanced lessons available.

  • Must be 5 years of age.
  • 30 minute lesson ~ $28.00
  • 45 minute lesson ~ $42.00
  • 60 minute lesson~ $56.00


guitar lessons

Guitar (Acoustic & Electric)

Beginner and advanced lessons available.

  • Must be 5 years of age.
  • 30 minute lesson ~ $28.00
  • 45 minute lesson ~ $42.00
  • 60 minute lesson~ $56.00


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