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All bands and ensembles require a commitment for the full week Tuesday-Friday unless marked as “drop-in”. If you try something and it isn’t right for you, please tell the instructor that you are not returning (yes, that is OK to do). Otherwise, please be at all of the rehearsals because the rest of the group is relying on you playing your part.



Faculty: Diane Muffitt

Beginner-Early Novice. Slot C.

If the Concert Band music seems too hard or goes by too fast and you just aren’t quite ready for it, come join us in an ensemble especially for our Beginner or Early Novice players! Beginners, you should have played for at least 5 or 6 months. Notice that "Not Quite Ready" is not synonymous with, "I can't" or "I'll never be able to" or "I'm no good"; it simply means that on the continuum of learning, you aren't quite ready to play in the camp concert band! Come have fun learning with the NQ! “Not Quite, but ALMOST!!" Bring your instrument.



Faculty: Linda Murdock

Intermediate-Advanced. After dinner, during the evening jam session time.

A little extra fun for brass players! Join Linda for two evening rehearsals during the evening jam time and enjoy playing a beautiful brass ensemble arrangement based on the William Billings tune known as Chester. The piece was arranged this past year by John McLellan, who is a wonderful composer and arranger and one of the conductors of our band. We will rehearse on Wednesday and Thursday evenings during the evening jam time, and if all goes well, we will play the piece at the Friday night concert. (Note: although we will be rehearsing during the evening jam time, this is not a drop-in ensemble; you will need to sign up for it in your schedule, and the music will be sent out ahead of time.)



Faculty : Linda Murdock, and other camp faculty TBA

All Levels Welcome. Slot E

Do you enjoy playing in small ensembles? Are you up for a musical adventure? If so, the Chamber Music Adventure may be for you! Participants who sign up for this ensemble program will complete a brief questionnaire about their skills and their ensemble and performance preferences and will then be placed into small ensembles with others with similar skills and interests. Each group will be provided with several musical arrangements to try and will be working with a coach during the week.(Groups will most likely be trios or quartets.) It’s a great way to meet new friends, have fun playing music with others, and improve your musical skills! OR – Do you have your own group already and your own music? Sign up for this ensemble program for your group to meet and have coaching during the week.

Please note that the deadline to sign up for this program is July 24, 2022. Also, because music is being prepared specifically for each ensemble, please make a firm commitment to participating in this program. (Before you sign up, carefully review all of the schedule choices in Slot E and make sure this program is the one you want.)



Faculty: Nina Andersen & Rick Wyman

Novice-Intermediate. Slot D

Concert band is for our novice/ intermediate players who are looking for the joy of making music in a band. Grade Level of music tends to be Grade 2 to 3. Pre-registration is required for part assignment purposes.




Faculty: Lisa Noordergraaf & Charlie Jennison

Advanced Beginner +. Slot E.

This group will read and prepare big band charts for performance. No improvisation or jazz experience is required, but you should be comfortable reading and playing grade 2+ music. We will focus on learning big band styles and playing techniques, which can be quite a bit different from those of a concert band. Big band music is traditionally scored for sax, trombone, trumpet, piano, guitar, bass, and percussion. We can usually accommodate other instruments on request (you will get a transposed part appropriate for your instrument). Pre-registration is required for part assignment and preparation purposes. Some or all charts will be available prior to camp.



Faculty: Lisa Noordergraaf

Beginner +, No Jazz Experience Required, Slot B

This group is for musicians who would like to explore playing jazz. All instruments are welcome. Not Quite Ready players are welcome! Improvisational skills are not necessary. We dip our toes into improvising (no pressure- don’t be scared!), explore different jazz styles, and read a variety of repertoire. We may use The Real Easy Book (bring it if you have it!). Pre-registration is required in order that we can prepare appropriate parts for your instrument. This group may or may not perform in one of the concerts - we will take a poll and see how we are feeling about it!



Faculty: Lisa Noordergraaf

Targeted towards players with some jazz experience, but all are welcome. Slot D

We will explore several methods for improvising, and we may use the Real Book and/or The Real Easy Book. We will also dig a bit deeper into various stylistic elements of jazz. Improvisational skills are not necessary, but music reading is required. Pre-registration is required in order that we can prepare appropriate parts for your instrument. Please bring the books if you have them. This group will probably perform in the Friday evening concert.



Faculty: Adrianne Greenbaum

All Levels Welcome. Slot E.

Would you like to play some upbeat, old-world modal music that reminds you of joyous-but-trying times of Poland, Ukraine, and Belarus? This ensemble will feature Eastern European instrumental music of pre-Israeli Jewish culture that was meant (mostly...) for celebrations. OF COURSE, as is the tradition, we will throw in some sorrowful music as well; laughing through tears is what life often really is about, is it not?

Absolutely no experience or knowledge of the music is necessary to enjoy this kind of ensemble; what you need will be taught in depth as we learn tunes by ear and with sheet music. You will also learn a few of the dances that go with our tunes so (hopefully) we will get that audience up on their feet as well! All instruments welcomed but flutes, clarinets, trumpets, trombone, and percussion particularly encouraged. (And, if you have brought your string instrument along to jam, join us! Even though my main instrument is flute, I'm a die-hard violist myself, so I know the feeling!)



Like Instruments EnsemblesFaculty: Instrument Specialists

All Levels Welcome. Slot C.

These ensembles will all be large group ensembles of like instruments, directed by the specialist for that instrument. Those in Spouse/Friend Track A are welcome to join these ensembles.



Faculty: Nina Andersen & Rick Wyman

Intermediate-Advanced. Slot C.

Symphonic Band is for our intermediate/advanced players who want to work on more challenging repertoire. Pre-registration is required for part assignment purposes. SECTIONALS ARE REQUIRED!



Faculty: Linda Murdock

Novice-Intermediate. Slot B.

Start your musical day by playing some of the beautiful music written for the lovely sound of a woodwind choir! What better way could there be to start your morning? Woodwind ensembles combine the unique woodwind voices into a musical whole; in this ensemble we will explore some lyrical pieces that use the different woodwind voices in a beautiful way. Music will be at the novice-intermediate level; we will read two pieces and then work on one to be performed later in the week. All woodwind players are welcome, including saxophones; we will have three one-hour morning rehearsals in slot B.



Faculty: Linda Murdock

Intermediate-Advanced. Slot D.

After lunch, change your musical focus to play some of the wonderful music written for the beautiful sound of a woodwind choir! In writing woodwind choir music, good composers and arrangers try to both highlight the different woodwind voices and skillfully combine them into a beautiful whole. In this ensemble, we will explore some pieces that use the unique woodwind voices in a very effective way. Music will be at the intermediate-advanced level; we will read three pieces and then work on a piece to be performed later in the week. All woodwind players are welcome, including saxophones; we will have four one-hour afternoon rehearsals in Slot D.



Each seminar has a suggested level (NQR, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced or All Levels Welcome, which is listed right under the title. Some of you may be novice players, but advanced musicians! Everyone chooses seminars that work best for you.



Faculty: Ben Fox

Single Session, All Levels Welcome

So, you know how to turn your metronome on and follow it while you’re practicing. Is your next step practicing without the metronome? During this seminar, you will find out what steps you are likely skipping. Please bring a piece of music, however brief, for demonstration purposes. Come see what you’ve been missing!



Faculty: Diane Muffitt

All Levels Welcome - not just the early novice
Daily – Tuesday – Friday – Attend all 4

For anyone who finds themselves often confused by what is going on in rehearsal! This daily session has many purposes, all based around helping you be more comfortable playing in a band. You might be someone who has been a musician all your life, but you are new to playing in a band, or you might be someone who hasn’t played your instrument for very long and everything is so new! We will address issues that come up in your band music as well as topics like what the conductor is doing up there, how do you know when to come in, odd words in your music (D.S. alfine, a2, a tempo...), band etiquette, silent practice and a myriad of other puzzling things. Bring your band music, your instrument and questions! (If you did this seminar with Diane in the past, it is still useful; we will cover some different topics. Bring your handout of info if you still have it.)



Faculty: Diane Muffit, Ted Evertsen

All Levels, any music, Drop-in or make an appointment

Stuck on a spot in your band music or a solo you are working on or some exercises your teacher at home assigned? Need some suggestions on simplifications because you just will NOT be able to play some places in the music before our concert? Not sure how to practice effectively? Want to try out a solo you are working on for a performance at home or at camp and get some pointers? Any other situation relating to your playing? Stop in for a few minutes or a whole hour; our instructors will be happy to help you out and provide some pointers.



Faculty: Stephen Curtis

All Levels Welcome
Double Session – attend both

This workshop aims to sharpen up your ears, as well as show you how playing by ear can be used with improvisation. It really works! In past years, this group has chosen to perform on one of the camper concerts. No music reading skills required!



Faculty: Nina Andersen

All Levels Welcome
Single Session – attend one or both

In this introductory workshop participants will learn 4-5 basic chords that can be used to play a number of popular tunes. We will cover how to tune and strum and learn at least one song to singalong with. We have 6 ukuleles available for campers to use or bring your own!



Faculty: Becky Leonard

All Levels Welcome
Single Session

Performance Anxiety - It happens to everyone, let's talk about some ways to deal with it! Performance anxiety isn't much fun and it can ruin the joy of making music in public. Do you get nervous when the curtain goes up? Do your hands sweat, does your heart rate increase, and do you feel out of breath? Do you have voices in your head saying all sorts of doom and gloom? Come and learn some proven techniques for calming those nerves so you can enjoy your performance. Performing is exciting, but it shouldn't be anxiety-provoking.



Faculty: Susan Johnston

All Levels Welcome
Single Session

Are you practicing efficiently? Are there times when you still do not feel 100% confident with your part even after working on it for weeks? Do you practice by playing each piece from beginning to end, ordo you avoid practice entirely? Come join us to explore some techniques for getting more out of your practice sessions.



Faculty: Diane Muffitt

Novice-Intermediate & Beginners
Daily – Tuesday – Friday – Attend all 4

Have you ever thought, “I can play it as soon as I hear it”? If so, you need this rhythm intensive series!! Rhythm reading is THE most important skill to learn in order to be an independent player. Rhythm patterns are our vocabulary; in this series, we will break them down so that every few minutes you are thinking, “Oh! I get it!!” If you did this series with Diane in the past, you are still welcome to come and review! Bring your instrument.



Ted Evertsen

All levels
Two sessions - Attend both

Someone once tried to explain transposition to you and you threw up your hands and exclaimed, “It’s too difficult.” Haven’t you heard the expression: “Never say never.”? That applies to transposition. You play a Bb instrument but are handed a piece of music for the violin (in concert pitch). Your friend plays an Eb saxophone and you would like to play your trumpet with him. To play it is going to require some changes in the music. What do you do? This two-session workshop will continue where we left off last year, exploring transposing (that simply means changing the placement of the notes) at sight to suit your instrument, including how to read and change the key. This is a hands-on workshop in which we will actually transpose and play music. So bring your instrument and a sharp pencil (a requirement for every musician). Printed materials and music will be provided.




Ted Evertsen and Diane Muffitt will be available throughout the week each day for any campers that are looking for a little individual help with band or ensemble music, or anything else. You are welcome to drop-in on any of the days/times listed on the schedule. Ted is also available at other times during the camp day by appointment - just find him and arrange a time that works for you both. Bring your instrument.



“The best way of waking up…” No, it is not “Folgers in your cup”. It is the gift of the new day ahead. You are invited to come spend a few moments to consider and give thanks for this place and for the people with whom we are gathered to share our daily gifts, including of course, the joy of music. Tuesday through Saturday mornings with Nina and Ted. Everyone is invited.



Danielle Moreau will lead this after supper activity from 6:45 to 7:15 Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Come when you feel the urge to drum. Drop-ins are welcome.



Adrianne Greenbaum will lead this fun group after supper on the porch of the Lodge 6:45 to 7:15Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Be Irish for a wee bit! Sessions of fun easy tunes! Bring your flute, whistle, fiddle, bodhran, accordion, guitar or even a non-traditional instrument! Let's get our jigs and reels on! Drop-ins are welcome.



Tom Briggs will lead this group from 6:45 to 7:15 Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Participants will be guided through some great Dixieland music. No experience needed; low pressure, “safety in numbers” improvisation is optional for those who would like to try. ALL instruments are welcome. Drop-ins are welcome.



Campers can gather in the Summer House from 6:45 to 7:15 pm each evening and play some recorder music together. Bring your recorder(s) and some music. This is a camper led group.



Naturally, you are also free to make your own ensembles or jam sessions (a recorder jam, a ukulele jam, a bluegrass jam…) – write up an announcement for the bulletin board and we can announce it at meals. See Nina for more info and assistance and a rehearsal space. These groups can happen in the evening during the 6:45 to 7:15 jam session time or find your own time and space.


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