Rates and Dates

Four Week Session - July 5 - July 31 - $2000

Financial Aid is Available

Due to COVID-19, New England Music Camp will celebrate its 84th Season as Virtual NEMC. For over 80 years, the mission of NEMC has been to offer a summer camp experience which develops the child both musically and socially. Virtual NEMC will continue this mission during this pandemic. Virtual NEMC has been created as an innovative way to explore online learning while still connecting students and faculty through the magic of NEMC.

Tuition for Virtual NEMC will include numerous online music courses and private lessons which mirror and enhance the NEMC experience. Students will register for classes and build their summer schedule with the guidance of the registrar. During the four weeks of Virtual NEMC, students will maintain a Monday-Friday schedule, with at least 12 class hours per week. Virtual NEMC students will declare a major instrument or voice, and will also have the option to declare a minor instrument. Virtual NEMC tuition includes 2 half hour lessons per week on a major instrument with NEMC faculty. Students may schedule additional major or minor lessons, beyond the 2 included, for an additional fee.

Virtual NEMC will also include performance opportunities, social activities, and musical seminars to support students throughout the summer. While we all wish to be by the shores of Lake Messalonskee this summer, given the circumstances, we believe that Virtual NEMC will continue to provide the safe and musical learning environment of the last 83 years.

Please review the information below in regards to daily schedule, activities, and Virtual requirements.

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Daily Schedule

Classes & Activities run Monday through Friday. No Virtual NEMC events are scheduled for the weekends. 

8:45am - Flag
9:00-9:45am - 1st Period
10:00-10:45am - 2nd Period
11:00-11:45am - 3rd Period
12:00-12:45pm - 4th Period
1:00-4:00pm - Lessons
4:15-5:45pm - Afternoon Activity
6pm - Flag



2020 virtual calendar


Q- When is my Virtual NEMC tuition due?
A- Full tuition for Virtual NEMC is due no later than June 15th, 2020.

Q- What are the special events scheduled for Virtual NEMC?
A- Opening Day? Faculty Recitals? Student Recitals? - just in case people don’t open the camp calendar. 

Q- Where will the classes be held?
A- Virtual NEMC and Snow Pond Center for the Arts will hold all classes and lessons on our educational Zoom program with secure links. Social activities will be held on Zoom and/or live-streamed through Facebook & YouTube.

Q- Two private lessons per week are included. Can I add additional lessons per week?
A- Yes. If a student would like to add additional lessons or minor lessons they may do so for a small fee. Adding one additional lesson a week is $120 ($30 per lesson). 

Q- I was registered and paid a deposit for NEMC 2020. Can I roll my tuition over to Virtual NEMC or to a future camp season?
A- Yes. All students who have currently paids will be asked how they want their tuition to be redirected. Any student who has already paid for one of NEMC’s originally planned sessions may roll that tuition over to Virtual NEMC 2020. Any remaining balance can be used towards registration and tuition for NEMC 2021, may be donated to NEMC to help cover money lost during COVID-19, or can be refunded back to you. Any student who rolls their remaining tuition over to 2021 will lock in their place at the 2020 tuition rate and with the Early Bird discounts.

Q- What types of classes can I take online?
A- Virtual NEMC will offer most of the same classes that are part of our regular season. Taught by our faculty of professional artist-educators, our interactive courses will help students develop and enrich their existing musical skills. Several new courses have been added as well. Please CLICK HERE for our updated course catalogue. 

Q- How many hours per day will students be spending online?
A- Students will average 3-4 hours per day of morning classes, plus 2 half hour lessons per week, likely scheduled in the afternoons. This will be about 12-17 hours per week of interactive classes. Students are encouraged to practice at least one hour per day. 

Q- Is Financial Aid still available?
A- Yes. You can submit the application once you create an account and begin your registration. If you were already awarded a financial aid package, you will receive a new package. 

Q- I declined my admission and withdrew my application from NEMC when the pandemic began. Can I still enroll in Virtual NEMC?
A- Yes, if you withdrew from NEMC 2020, you are able to enroll in Virtual NEMC. Login to your registration account to find a Virtual NEMC enrollment form. 

Q- Do I need to sign a new enrollment agreement for Virtual NEMC?
A- Yes, you will need to sign a new enrollment agreement for Virtual NEMC. If you have previously paid your deposit, you will not need to pay a second deposit.  Prior to your arrival at camp you will receive an updated camper/parent packet with all of the information about virtual camp, logging into Zoom, etiquette, etc., as well as a NEMC Virtual 2020 Camper handbook with this summer’s policies & procedures. 

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