Our counseling staff is led by Head Counselors (boys and girls) and Assistant Head Counselors (boys and girls). We carefully select our counseling staff of 25 college students for their interest in and ability to lead young people. The counselors live in the cabins with campers, coach recreational activities, and organize all social events. A counselor’s primary role is to support and encourage each camper. They are responsible for creating and maintaining a nurturing, comfortable environment in which campers can grow and make lasting friendships.


Campers at NEMC live with counselors and are housed by age. The “Girls End” of camp includes two younger cabins, Towne Cabin and Wade Cabin, located adjacent to The Girls Dorm (Girls Up-dorm and Boys Down-Dorm). The “Boys End” housing is located at the opposite end of camp and includes Dorr Cabin, Sault Cabin, and the Boys Dorm (Boys Up-Dorm and Boys Down-Dorm).


At NEMC we eat family style in the Lodge dining room. Healthy meals are prepared in our kitchen by Sterling and Ramone who are assisted by a select dining staff. Meals always include a vegetarian option and we are able to accommodate peanut and other such allergies. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Afternoon Recreation:

NEMC’s recreational complex boasts three tennis courts, a soccer field, two softball diamonds, volleyball and badminton courts, archery range, and basketball court. Aerobics, dramatics, and physical fitness are other recreational options. Highly qualified lifeguards and water safety instructors coordinate lessons and recreational swimming. We also offer instruction in sailing and canoeing for beginning through advanced levels.

Social Activities:

A camp council elected by campers design the social activities for the following year. We are always updating and improving our offerings. Programs vary throughout each month. These events are designed opportunities for campers to make new friends. Activities include carnivals, talent shows, cabin song competitions, dances, games, ice cream parties, and more. Campers enjoy frequent cookouts, barbecues, and picnics. Campfires at the edge of the lake where they sing songs together, tell stories, and watch gorgeous sunsets as darkness falls. Some evenings are devoted to jazz participation and others to dramatic presentations by campers. Optional activities include hanging out at the canteen or playing board games.

Snow Pond Center for the Arts